Client Facilitation

For organizations seeking cost-effective ways to implement the 5 Choices process involving large populations of managers and frontline workers, FranklinCovey certifies a member(s) of your team to adapt and facilitate our content to fit your organization’s needs.

How to Certify

Attend a live certification program or self-certify without leaving your home or office using our virtual certification process. Both certification experiences are designed to ensure that you are a highly effective facilitator.

Facilitate the 5 Choices Your Way:

Traditional Classroom: Facilitators can choose to deliver the 5 Choices content in a traditional classroom setting.

LiveClicks™ Webinar Series: All of your employees can experience the 5 Choices no matter where they live and work around globe. Clients can become certified LiveClicks facilitators and deliver our 5 Choices content virtually. Facilitators will find their personal virtual meeting rooms fully prepared with videos, graphics, polls, chats, and interactive exercises as well as facilitator notes.

Blended Delivery Solution: Our new blended delivery solution is the first of its kind to be offered by FranklinCovey. Facilitators can choose to mix the both traditional classroom and webinar-based learning. For example, clients might do the first day (Choices 1–3) in the live classroom, and the second day (Choices 4–5) as webinars.

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