Hi Fellow 5 Choices Facilitators!

Welcome to the 5 Choices Facilitator “Watering Hole”.  As the title suggests, this is a gathering place to ask questions, provide best practices, watchouts, etc.   The Franklin Covey Productivity Practice will “monitor” the blog, so we can answer your questions and provide insights as well, and we really, really hope you all will help each other…in this learning community.  We look forward to “hanging out”, collaborating and coming up with wonderful stuff that help us increase the productivity of or our participants..and your organization!

4 comments on “Hi Fellow 5 Choices Facilitators!

  1. I attended a webinar last week and it was mentioned that Live Clicks is available to faciliators. Can I get some more information on Live Clicks? Thank you.

    • Hi Sheri!
      First, who is your “client partner” so I can get you some assistance to get you set up, if you choose. And, I can walk you through some things if you want to contact me directly to help get you going. [email protected]

  2. 1. One of my participants asked if there’s a Technical Guide for Macs. I’m only aware of the ones for Lotus Notes and Outlook.
    2. Also, my facilitator guide says we can get updates to the Technical Guide on The5Choices.com, but I didn’t see anything. Could you help me find updates, please?



    • Hi Carolyn,
      1. We are in the final stages of development of the technical teach and technical guide for Microsoft Outlook 2011 for Macintosh. The facilitator guide, PowerPoint slides and participant kits should be available mid to late October 2013. That is the only “Technical Guide for Mac” that we are working on at this time.
      2. For IP protection, we have removed the update section of http://www.the5choices.com/quickstart. As we make updates to existing materials we will send out a personal email with a URL link, username and password to the 5 Choices Client Facilitator Update site. You will then be able to download the new materials at that time. We will also have posted the latest version of the Facilitator Guide on the virtual certification site. Please keep your eye out for an email in the next few weeks because we have an update that is soon to be released.


      The Productivity Practice

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