Am I causing someone else’s Quadrant 1’s & 3’s????

Being productive means being “intentional” and very self aware…And so, I need to examine my own motives and behaviors to stop putting other people into Quadrant 1 & 3.  Am I creating and holding an unproductive meeting?  Am I asking for people to do things “right now”, when I may not need a report or project for a couple of weeks out?  Am I waiting until the last moment to delegate or to even ask a peer for help?  Am I the one stepping into someones office or texting and saying, “Do you have 30 seconds”?  which of course can turn into 30 minutes? 

The more I become aware of (or admit) my tendency to “quad 1 or 3” others, and then THINK before acting, the more I can change my behavior and think about how NOT to throw others into an unhealthy and sometimes useless state of urgency.  If each of us takes “accountability” of thinking through the Time Matrix framework and how it effects each other, the more a team or family gel and then can move towards real, high quality accomplishment of what is really important.

Contributed by Kory Kogon, FranklinCovey Global Productivity Practice Leader

3 comments on “Am I causing someone else’s Quadrant 1’s & 3’s????

  1. Hi Kory!

    I attended the free webinar last Friday, and I got so much out of it! I’m a long-time FC Planner fan – started back in the day before it was Covey (learned from Hyrum Smith)… transitioned to GTD with David Allen, but THIS makes so much sense.

    I asked the question in the webinar about paper planners – but I flip back and forth between paper and digital – I am Mac-based and wonder if this would work with Entourage on a Mac?

    I plan to take a public one-day live workshop in the near future!

    Thanks for such brilliance!


  2. Hi Claudia!
    The “Master Moves” that integrate Q2 workflow and technology can work with any platform. The exact “moves” may be a little different, but the goal is to 1. automate some of the many decisions you make in a day with rules, 2. “Turn things into what they really are”, by understanding your email messages really only fall into 1 of 4 buckets and then acting on them to stop “living in your inbox” and linking or hyperlinking resources so you are not searching and wasting precious time. And, of course getting really good at utilizing a combo of the task list and calendar for excellent and disciplined planning systems. These all can happen on any platform!

    • Thanks! I’ve been experimenting with iCal and Things (task manager), which has a function where tasks in Things automatically show up in iCal’s Reminders. I like to think through things on paper, but realistically is it as efficient – a question I’m asking myself.

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