Announcing The FranklinCovey Task App

We are thrilled to announce the release of the FranklinCovey Tasks App!  It is task management…the FranklinCovey Way!  Once again, we have produced a tool that enables the learning of our current and most relevant time management principles and processes.

One of the key time management principles is to have ONE place for all your tasks.  In the digital age, this translates to tasks “syncing” across devices.  The Tasks App “syncs” your Microsoft Outlook Exchange or Google tasks lists so you can manage your priorities right from your pocket, all day long.  And, if you are a Microsoft Outlook Exchange user, the Tasks App will also sync the “Notes” from your Outlook.  Every bit of important incoming information can be captured right onto your Smartphone or tablet, and show up when you fire up your Desktop Outlook.

Download our 30 day free trial of the FranklinCovey Tasks App Pro Version today and discover all the cool features that help motivate you to get the most important things done.  I guarantee you will feel highly accomplished at the end of every day.   Go to or download direct from the App Store or Google Play.

Kory Kogon, Global Productivity Practice Leader, FranklinCovey

3 comments on “Announcing The FranklinCovey Task App

  1. I’m using the app, it’s fantastic but I cannot find a way to access my tasks through my PC. When I’m in the office I can’t keep playing with my phone. I can access Google Tasks through a Chrome App but it doesn’t bring across the additional information I’ve added via the app. Are you going to bring out a web based task access or Chrome app for task access of my FranklinCovey account. There’s a real gap there in the market, I’ve exhausted searches for something to fill the gap.

  2. Now I feel very stupid having just discovered your online interface. Dooh and fantastic at the same time. Thanks guys for thinking of everything :o)

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