Busy Is Not Productivity

Talk to anyone who is trying to be more productive and at some point they will tell you it’s all about having the right priorities. Sounds simple. Yet, it isn’t always easy to decide which things are more important than others. Do you choose work or an ailing parent? Do you use the last hours of your day for a little time in the gym or do you get some extra sleep? Do you clean the house or play with your children? I love this post by Jennifer Meer http://my-jenneration.blogspot. /2015/01/the-productive-parent.html It isn’t always easy to decide the most important things. When I get stuck, I often find it easier to decide what matters less. Of course, it’s not always easy. If it were, there would be many more people making these decisions instead of living life on auto pilot. Choosing to take time to ponder these questions and then ultimately make a choice; this is the real key to highly productive and more fulfilling life.

Suzette Blakemore – Regional Productivity Practice Leader

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