Is Laundry or Expense Reports a Quadrant 2???

I get asked this question many, many times by 5 Choices participants when we are having rich discussions around determining what is important and what is not, what is urgent and what is not.  Quadrant 2 is the ideal place to be and so many times people will sidle up to me on a break and say….”well…what do I consider my laundry? It seems so menial…..why would it deserve such an important place like the famous Quadrant 2″?

Think about it.  Is doing the laundry important?  Of course it is, and it needs to be planned right?  If you plan when you are going to do your laundry to avoid BAD CONSEQUENCES or enjoy GOOD consequences it is “important and not urgent”.  It is a Quadrant 2 event that you have under control.

We all know what happens when we suffer the consequences…open your bureau or closet and suddenly we are in crisis because we have NO CLEAN SOCKS!!!!!!!  Now you really have a Quadrant 1 on your hands.

Same thing with your expense reports.  I travel very heavily, sometimes 4 cities in a week, each one needing a separate expense report.  This is a big rock for me, a Q2.  I am going to get them done before the week ends no matter why.  Why?  Two reasons; I want my money soon, and second there is not a worse time waster than having a pile of expense reports from 4 weeks accumulated that I need to sort through and figure out.  It’s urgent, I’m stressed, and it is NOT WORTH IT!!!!!

So what’s my point?  Quadrant 2 is the quadrant of action.  It should contain the most important things we need to do WITHOUT LETTING THEM GET TO URGENCY.  It contains our most pro-active work and thinking…and it also contains the day to day important things that we need to have well planned to accomplish with quality and less stress.  It actually makes me feel extraordinarily productive, actually!!!

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  1. Use your biological rhythms to your advantage. Identify the times of day when your energy levels are at the highest and do your most important work at those times. For example, if you work best in the morning, do not plan all your studying for the evening.

  2. In addition to providing text examples, I’m going to have a little fun and illustrate items from each quadrant using one of my favorite comics.

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