Living through accidental dis-connection from my smartphone!

I don’t use my smartphone much on the weekends, but I do carry it with me everywhere I go…”just in case”.  You know how it goes….Well…. I left my smartphone home this past Sunday as we left the house to go to the movies.  I realized it about a quarter mile from the house and I remember my reactions:

I froze while driving

I panicked slightly

Had to make a conscious decision not to whip the car around and go retrieve the phone….

even though I knew there was really no good reason for me to carry it.

I took deep breaths

I became intentional and controlled my brains mindless reaction to having the phone

My pre-frontal cortex and rational thought took over

I was okay….

We had a GREAT time at the movies….even though I did reach in my pocket when it was time to turn cellphones off….and of course, there was nothing in my pocket!

Contributed by Kory Kogon – Global Practice Leader – Productivity

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