Superhero Does Q2 Planning

I have been amazed at how two big ideas have shifted my paradigm around productivity and effectiveness. 

The first is the concept of going for extraordinary.  I have begun to name my key roles, using  a “Superhero” moniker, because superheros embody the transition of simple, ordinary people into extraordinary human beings.  For example, instead of being a Client Partner at FranklinCovey – I want to be “Greatness Guy”.  It’s not meant to be silly or flip, nor do I plan on leaping between Chicago skyscrapers in red tights.  But thinking about greatness as I look at my roles helps set a higher standard for me as I approach work. 

The other big idea is around Q2 Weekly Planning.  I have been able to significantly increase my Q2 activities, with great results and incredible changes in my personal energy. 

I just shared some of the 5 Choices ideas with my college son.  He is skeptical…but, so are a lot of folks when they first meet a superhero!

Submitted by Mark Berry, FranklinCovey, Client Parnter

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  1. I love “superhero” idea. My 4-year old speaks of having super powers every day and he’s serious. He has amazing energy, running, flipping, jumping, crashing, falling constantly. He makes me tired just watching him. But he truly believes he’s super and enjoys life. The thought alone put a smile to my face, what a refreshing way to look at my daily and weekly activities! I can call upon my alter ego when I need a kick in the pants to overcome the “urgent” and focus on the Q2. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

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