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Welcome to the NEW 5 Choices blog! I look forward to this being a community where we share our best thinking to help each other make the most of our energy, attention and time.   Everyday I am amazed at how much information and knowledge is at our fingertips to be able to learn, innovate, create, grow wiser and do extraordinary things.  At the same time this amazing onslaught of information, messages and demands  is the perfect storm for a personal energy crisis,  low engagement and a myriad of other problems.

The Productivity Practice within Franklin Covey is proud to wake up everyday thinking about and researching how to help individuals, teams and organizations feel and be more “accomplished” everyday.  We create and provide the tools and processes to overcome and remove personal and professional barriers to making great contributions every day.

I look forward to your contribution to this blog….what are your tips?  What makes you feel accomplished and highly productive?  Your challenges?  If you are a 5Choices graduate what are your best practices?  

And….you see our “Everyday Extraordinary”.  We have posted two stories so far of regular folks doing something marvelous…making HUGE contributions even when the going was tough….Amazing…and even EXTRAORDinary!!!  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE contribute!  Who do you know that you work with, in your family or even yourself that has done something of really high value…even when the chips were down…or they could have just remained status quo.  Please post them for all of us to enjoy and by which we can be inspired…..

We all have the potential for extraordinary productivity.  Let’s work together to get there!

Contributed by Kory Kogon, FranklinCovey Global Productivity Practice Leader

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  1. Earlier I used to think-” God helps those who help themselves” meaning- get up you lazy girl (which is me), and do something drastic. Now, I think -“Focus on what you CAN do.”

    Earlier I used to blame myself. I would say-” I’m lazy, I’m dum, I’m stupid and I’m never going to amount to ANYTHING.” Now, I think -” Why spend energy hitting myself? Focus on what you CAN do.” Though the choice to not hit myself came from Loiuse L. Hay’s book, “Heal your life” the majority of what I do do like not hold anger towards my mom for being emotionally un-available or making the choice to be relaxed while driving to piano class or simply being a model friend come from “The 7 habits”.

    I have not done “The 5 choices” course. I haven’t even read the book (I hope to read it some day) but the one thing that I have done is referred to the seven habits for 11 years.

    I struggle to stay in quadrants I and II. It’s hard. Some days I just spend my time watching T.V. and goofing about on Facebook. But I know that one day things are going to be better. I just know that. Not because my life will “only” be quadrant II, which it very well could be, but because, however hard it may be, I refuse to give up.

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