A Lot More Proactive

“Since I did the 5 Choices program, I became a lot more proactive and became more conscious of the moments when I am automatically reactive. In those moments, I recognize it, stop for a moment, try to get my consciousness back, and some of these times I read my roles’ statements to get in touch with what is most valuable to me (and sometimes read my life mission statement as well). And this is giving me a lot of effectiveness and self-realization when I do the 30/10 planning based on these valuable things to me. Regarding the fifth choice, I feel a lot more comfortable now when talking to people about how important “relaxation” and “human moments” are. The other three I think were already more popular to talk about. But those two relieved a lot of blame. I feel more integrated now having the ‘approval’ from science (confirming what I had always felt) that all these together make us more productive. I am very grateful for this program.”

5 Choices Participant

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