Acting and Reacting

It was a great start for the extraordinary productivity ….

I stopped by acting and reacting and thought for a while and asked myself, “Was I more into acting to reacting?” Honestly I was more into reacting and getting my self imposed to react with the urgency of other’s demands (in work & personal life even).

I was trying during the week to start practicing the acting and being proactive; more or less results was fine at the moment and expected to be much better by practicing and focusing.

Following the Time Matrix principle has given me the chance to quit a bad habit which upsets my family. I really managed to keep my laptop at the office over the weekend.

I was trying to keep my self away from Quadrant 4. I knew when to say NO and am a bit not anymore interested to be in Quadrant 3. I need to admit this week I spent most of my time in Quadrant 1 and this is exceptional as we had a new product launch for the whole week to our customers.

I’ll keep an eye and get more space in Quadrant 2 …. Awaiting for the second choice.

Submitted by Mo’ayyad AL-Quwaqzeh, FranklinCovey Client

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