Beyond Impactful

The instructor did an incredible job of explaining the material in detail.  The material was Off-The-Hood GREAT.  I have implemented a lot of what the instructor taught us and it has already made an impact on my business.  I have been searching to find a way to keep all my stuff in one spot and not use the paper product.  I feel I know have a fantastic foundation to build upon and I am utilizing Outlook 1000% more effectively than I had in the past.  The 5 Choices program including Core4, the Quadrants, the 30 Minute Week Review and the 10 Minute Daily review, the review of the Notes section with the Goals I’m setting, etc., have all been beyond impactful. So, thanks for providing a great program and pushing this material onto the students in a steady pace, well thought out format.

Contributed by a 5 Choices participant

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