Over 7,000 E-mails

Before taking the Franklin Covey 5 Choices Webinar, my inbox had over 7,000 e-mails, my tasks list was a mess of red flags, and my calendar wasn’t really a calendar, but ANOTHER “To Do List”. And I’d like to consider myself a very organized person!

Before getting to what has resulted since the webinar, I just want to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the webinar itself. Our moderator/host was fantastic and kept us very entertained, laughing, and engaged throughout the entire session. That certainly helped motivate me to implement the strategies that she taught us.

After the webinar, my inbox remains at zero, I’ve got folders to keep my e-mails, my task list is organized with actual tasks/due dates/detailed descriptions, and my calendar is what it should be, a calendar.

My Microsoft Outlook’s new look has kept me a lot more relaxed throughout the day. I don’t panic at every e-mail that comes in and try to take care of it that very second. I know that if I just move it to my newly organized task list, it will be taken care of in a timely manner. I also don’t find myself racking my brain each day on my commute to work with  what I have to do that day. I know my task list will let me know in a few short minutes everything that needs to be taken care of, and it will. This has also allowed me to take care of what I need to take care of, and not be interrupted by e-mails coming in that can wait until later. I highly suggest taking off the e-mail preview alert that pops up in the bottom right hand corner when you are receiving an e-mail. Not having that alert keeps me so much more focused on the task at hand.

All in all, I feel less stressed, more organized, and more productive while at work (and away from the office), which always makes for a happier life!

Josh Rosenthal – NY

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