Savvy, Productive, and Always Extraordinary

Things I’ve learned from the first 3 Choices:

  • I know how to gracefully decline tasks to focus on the important
  • I have a better understanding of my roles and how I’m performing within each role
  • I have listed out my goals for each role and the time frame of when I want those goals accomplished
  • I’ve become friends with my “gravel” because it’s going to be there until I have time to take care of it and that’s okay

I’ve found myself planning and thinking outside the box more often and ignoring those items that waste my time. This course has really opened my eyes to what I’m capable of and has show me how productive I can be when I prioritize my tasks and have goals for each role.

Contributed by a 5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity participant

One comment on “Savvy, Productive, and Always Extraordinary

  1. These are not considered waste for everybody but there is definitely some waste here, it just varies from person to person about how they feel about those activities.All the other things in life that you HAVE to do may be areas of waste as well. Do they support some other activity that you want to do and spend more time at? Work perhaps? What about your lifestyle and how you manage your time to commute and look after your groceries and bills? All that is wasteful and is worth adding to your list so you can look to eliminate it next!I was inspired to expand on this topic and build this list because of a post by Andrew Bolis from Personal Hack who wrote that the biggest productivity tip is elimination . My list however, looks specifically at the physical time factor and tasks undertaken in life that are wasteful. Here’s my list:10 Ways to Eliminate WasteIn order to eliminate waste there are many options, some simple, some drastic. Here are a 10 areas you could easily use to eliminate waste in your life.

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