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So, I traveled to Denver to step back today from my usual schedule for a bit of personal introspection through the one-day Franklin-Covey workshop “The 5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity”. In a word….”Wow”. Absolutely worth the investment of time and $ to be here.

The promise of this workshop is one they can confidently make “…There are 5 Choices that, when consistently made, ensure you will achieve extraordinary productivity in your work and life…”.

Having experienced the workshop, I can now see that the friends and colleagues (of all ages and stages of life) whom I have admired for the high-level of focus and productivity in their personal and work lives are that way because they live some version of these “5 Choices” principles.

To the credit of Franklin-Covey, this workshop is not just about introducing concepts. The cost includes “tools” to take home and a format designed to get you started today and provide support going forward.

Passing along this endorsement to my Facebook friends who may be at a similar place in life….open to a day to take a look at how effective you are in deciding what is really most important in every area of your life and discovering what is likely a much more promising way to help you focus your time there.

A tip-o-the-hat to our Franklin Covey instructor for his leadership and being such an engaging facilitator with our group today.

Robert E. Mersereau  |  Director

Office of the Chief Scout Executive

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