The 5 Choices – A BIG Hit

We did our first 5 Choices workshop last week and it was a BIG hit.  Everyone loved the workshop.  My colleague taught this workshop and did a phenomenal job.  He loves the tech stuff.   He demonstrated how he has linked his iPhone, iPad, and desktop.  He also demonstrated the Master Task list in Microsoft Outlook and much more.   Two of us in the workshop who carry their planners around like a badge of honor have committed to go high tech.   I made a push yesterday at our SMT meeting to purchase  iPads for all Senior Management and consider all Managers at some point.  I also discussed the need to determine time zones for all meetings throughout the District ensuring Q2 time for everyone.

I was so impressed with the content and it made sense.   Several commented how happy they were we ended with the 5 Energy Drivers.  Totally made sense and helped bring all the other content into perspective.   It was just an awesome workshop.

Contributed by a Senior Vice President of Human Resources with a Healthcare Organization

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