The Truth Is Out There

While that statement may have come from an infamous TV show it is a testament to what our instructor made every attempt to impress upon us. “I will guarantee your success…” ah and then the caveat “… if you follow through on the 5 choices.” At the time one sort of sits back chuckles and continues chuckling until finally I now chuckle for exactly the opposite reason. IT DOES WORK and yes you have to stick to it.

The only failures in OUR life are those that we bring upon ourselves. I am responsible for my actions and my attitudes and my abilities. Ultimately that makes me responsible for my extraordinary success. And after 5 weeks it has happened. New habits, greater productivity and in an amazing admission that I have yet so much more to do. Life never stops coming at us so I tell myself that I am not done and I must keep on coming back to what works.

I am glad I went through the 5 choices program because once I have those successfully mastered, I will continue to see nothing but bigger and better choices. Thanks you FranklinCovey!

Submitted by Greg McAllister

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