Cutting Off Many Q4 Items

“Regarding The 5 Choices strategies, I’ve been doing more the “30” than the “10” in the “30/10” scheme. I’ve been putting the Big Rocks in my agenda. And I had the opportunity to talk with many people about the Time Matrix.  My husband and I have been able to cut off many Q4 items from our lives. Now I need to execute the 5-Week action plan.”

5 Choices Participant, March 2012, Brazil


What a Change!

Working with my roles and my Q2 role statements really gave me some insight into my life. I saw that I wasn’t giving any time or energy to the roles that were most important to me. While I was fulfilling external obligations and doing well at work, I was not meeting my own needs, especially my need for a creative life.

Not only did I start writing again, but I implemented a shift in my health regimen. At the end of 5 weeks, I have 10 new blog posts, reworked a draft of a book, and lost 5 lbs. I look forward to the daily and weekly planning. I read my roles and my goals with pride because I have tangible proof that I am achieving them.

Thank you for these wonderful tools. They have led me to a richer life.

Laci, a The 5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity participant