Feeling Pretty Jazzed!

It’s official, I’m becoming a “5 Choices” Kool-Aid drinking groupie!  Common sense approach to organization and goal setting/accomplishment is WORKING.  I’m struggling with some of my old bad habits, but at least I have a method to tackle the gravel and really spend time on the important “rocks” in my life (work and personal).

I couldn’t be more excited about this methodology and the results that are already coming from 2 weeks of application.

Feeling pretty jazzed!!!!!

–Contributed by a 5 Choices Participant

Renewed Sense Of Value

“Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of the webinar yesterday, I believe it was time very well spent and I have a renewed sense of value for myself and what I can accomplish.

In today’s environment, focus and consistency are the hardest to achieve but I believe both bring stability and increased productivity. By implementing the tools and concepts that we learned (or will learn and put into practice) yesterday, I think that not only will I benefit but my team as well. Together we will change the culture of how we manage our business.

We are a small branch with large potential and it is critical to our success to be focused on the important and not the urgent as well as sorting out the big rocks vs. shoveling the gravel out of our cubicles.

I read the book last night and have dog tagged areas/topics to share with my team. I plan to hold a few “classes” to get them started on thinking about the choices and better utilizing outlook.  I think it is important that as a team we change our culture so we all understand the goal.”

Contributed by a 5 Choices participant


Great Start To 2014

The 5 Choices was an excellent course! I learned new techniques to better manage my big rocks rather than sorting gravel. I have been effective in planning my days and even have “me time” which I am learning is not “wasted time”. The technology tools I learned with Outlook have also been a tremendous help. I was able to reduce the emails in my inbox from 200+ to less than 20! I no longer feel that I am tethered to my email.

Contributed by a 5 Choices participant

Amazing Organizational Tool

“This course is fantastic. I thought I had great organizational skills until I implemented this course into my daily life. This course has not only made me realize how to better manage my professional life but also my personal life. I not only take the time to sit down and plan things better but I now focus more on “the big rocks”. This has helped me increase productivity at work and also has allowed me to get more things done outside of work.  This is a great tool I feel everyone should use.”

Contributed by a 5 Choice Participant

Walking into Walls

I was with a colleague the other day. After a long week of travel and customer meetings we decided to take a moment to relax. As he turned the corner, instead of walking into the sitting area, he walked directly into the wall. His body made a large thump as he expressed surprise and confusion about what just happened.

In our exhaustion, we probably laughed louder and longer than we should have but since then, his little encounter has made me think.  Literally or figuratively, when we are really tired and run down, walking into walls is a pretty common occurrence.

Think about what happens to you when you are tired. You can’t navigate the plans you have made, or things you really want to do. When you hit a wall of exhaustion, you can barely make time for anything except the absolutes. You know why that is?  Because your pre-frontal cortex, the front part of your brain that thinks, makes decisions, handles relationships, is completely worn out.  Think too, about the people around you. When you are tired, your co-workers, your boss, your kids, your friends all have to contend with your wall of exhaustion. You have nothing left to give from the executive function of your brain and suddenly you become less accessible, less creative, less solutions oriented and far less fun!

So what can we do to stop walking into walls? Choice 5 in The 5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity highlights our ability to re-fuel our brain by focusing on 5 energy drivers.  They are:

  • Move
  • Eat
  • Sleep
  • Relax
  • Connect

Making time to attend to these drivers on a consistent basis will fuel both our brains and our bodies. The key is to intentionally make those high value decisions that keep us charged and refreshed, so we can head off those walls of exhaustion.  Burnout and stress create a perpetual wheel of dysfunction. Yet, it is possible to break the cycle by simply consciously deciding that restoration of our bodies and our brains is one of the most important things we do each day.

Of course, this takes planning. These drivers often slip; because they are an afterthought or something we’ll get to “if” we have time. Don’t forget these all important big rocks! Add them to your master task list. Plug them into your calendar and keep the 5 driver promises you make to yourself with the same diligence as the promises you make to others. If you do, you’ll see your energy go up and your stress, guilt and exhaustion go way, way down.

After all, nobody likes walking into walls.

Contributed by Suzette Blakemore, Regional Productivity Practice Leader, FranklinCovey Co.

I Rule My Technology

Learning these tools is one thing, but living them is a whole different challenge. I have a lot of Direct Reports that cover multiple areas of the business and I find it hard to keep track of it all at time. This new way of thinking has opened up a new way of communicating with my boss and team. I have reorganized my email box and learned to scheduled my “Big Rocks” more efficiently. I RULE MY TECHNOLOGY now rather than it ruling me.

Contributed by a 5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity participant