It’s a New Year for the Resolution Revolution!

Everywhere we turn we see it…make your New Year’s resolutions!!!!!  We pick something…and we smile to ourselves….hoping….and yet we know it won’t last more than the first few days of the year, and then we’ll be back to “normal”.  Sound familiar?

You know what?  You CAN do it.  I know some about how your brain works, and it is happiest and can make the best decisions when it has a motivating and concrete target in mind.  I don’t mean telling it you are going to lose weight or stop smoking.  First your brain needs a clear vision of success of your most important roles in life TODAY.  Tackle just one.  Do you want to be a better spouse or parent?  A better employee?  A better leader?   So as a “better” parent, what does that look like?  More loving, more patient, more involved?   How are you going to do that?  The more specific a picture you have, preferable written down, the better you will be at being motivated to do things that FULFILL this vision.  Want to be more involved in sports with your children?  Can you see it in your brain happening?  Doesn’t that make you a little emotional?   Now maybe that will be just the motivation you need to lose that 10 pounds, or stop smoking.    When you feel that dreadful grip of needing the cigarette, just remind yourself of WHY YOU REALLY chose to stop smoking.  That emotion will help your mind make the right decision.  It’s not easy, but it is doable!  And maybe it’s not smoking or weight.  Maybe you will be motivated to block time this year to insure you are outside with your child on a regular basis to play….how accomplished would that make you feel??  Does that make you emotional?  Inspired?  Go get your calendar NOW and sketch out the time.  You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish when you put your “mind” to it!  And when you feel the pull of, “nah”, or “can’t do it”….call up that vision of success…take a deep breath and make the right decision.  Your brain will love it,  and so will you.

Have a great, productive New Year!

Kory Kogon – FC Global Practice Leader – Productivity

The Brain Power of Focused Attention

At the end of the day do you ever think, “gosh, I was so busy but what the heck did I accomplish today? The goal is to be very, very intentional about “focused attention”.

Attention is the brain’s ability to LASER FOCUS on a particular sensory input, while INHIBITING the urge to focus on distractors elsewhere in the environment. The Prefrontal Cortex (front of your brain) CHOOSES what gets through for attention AND…research is clear we can only truly pay attention and do quality work on ONE THING AT A TIME! The great news is we can get better and better at focused attention and really move our accomplishments and contributions to a higher level. “Neuroplasticity” meaning “rewiring” happens as a result of focused attention. Neurons that are near each other can connect to each other in new ways . This is the basic system of learning and building good strong habits. The more we are clear on  what is important… the more “intentional”, “mindful” and focused we can be on what big rocks we need to accomplish and then accomplish them with quality leading to greater habits and contribution everyday!

Contributed by Kory Kogon, FranklinCovey Global Productivity Practice Leader