From 19,000+ Emails To Zero

“First of all, THANK YOU!  The 5 Choices webinar on Microsoft Outlook you did last Friday was amazing.  I was so pumped about all the new things I learned about my inbox and calendar, I spent Friday evening organizing.  Just now, I’m down from 19,000 plus emails in my inbox to ZERO.  I have rules, files and sub-files made.  Being organized makes me so happy and I had no idea how much my inbox was stressing me out every morning.

I’m going to recommend the webinar to all of my colleagues!”

Contributed by a 5 Choices participant

From 7,500 Emails down to 1…Still

I just had to follow up with you one more time to thank you again for giving me the tools I so desperately needed to manage my technology. Doing the initial purge of my 7,500 emails was one thing, but I
wanted to let you know that two weeks after your Outlook webinar, I have only one email in my inbox (and I consider that one too many!). I have never been this “in control” for this long. I can’t imagine ever going back.

Christy G.

Encouraging Colleagues to Register

“I just wanted to send a quick email to say a huge thank you for the two day course, 5 Choices for Extraordinary Productivity, you led this week. I cannot begin to tell you how much I have taken away from the two days and am determined to fully implement and maintain the system (so far so good). As a single, working mum, just a few months away from (finally) graduating, it is easy at times to feel overwhelmed. But this has helped me organize my priorities, thoughts and commitments in a whole new way. I have raved about it to everyone since and am encouraging many of my colleagues to register.”

Contributed by a Staff member at The Open University