Burnout Up Among Workers

A USA Today article on October 24, 2012 reports that burnout is up among employees and that the “slow-to-recover” ecomony is really taking a toll on workers.  Some interested points mentioned in the article:

  • ComPsych’s national survey of 1,880 workers finds signs of prolonged stress in attitudes about work priorities, says Chaifetz, a clinical neuropsychologist.
  • A study on job satisfaction out this summer from the Conference Board found “the majority of Americans continue to be unhappy at work.” The “trend may signal increased satisfaction with simply having a job rather than demonstrate increased engagement or happiness,” co-author Rebecca Ray says.  The representative survey of 5,000 U.S. households found just one-third (33%) of workers who were satisfied with their workload.  “People have been pretty much expected to soldier on … and I think they’ve reached a saturation point,” Ray says. “It’s taken a toll on their psyche.”
  • Among the Conference Board 2012 findings:  63% say they have high levels of stress at work, with extreme fatigue and feeling out of control. — 39% cite the workload as the top cause of stress. — 53% take frequent “stress breaks” at work to talk with others; 36% say they just work harder. — Almost half (46%) cite stress and personal relationship issues as the most common reason for absences, ahead of medical reasons or care-giving responsibilities.
  • Psychologist Ben Palmer the global CEO and founder of Genos International said, “The more you adopt the ‘do more with less’ mentality, the greater you drive innovation down in the organization because high workloads and stress are the antithesis of innovation.”

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