A Little Learning Is A Dangerous Thing…

I am a firm believer in the concept or maxim that major success is the result of many minor successes (and, as this is real life, many minor failures or “lessons” along the way).

So, having started out on this initial 5 week journey a mere 3 days ago, you would be forgiven for thinking to yourself, “how has he the gall to talk about success so soon?” Rather than thinking of success, which is so often fleeting, I would prefer to say I think I have made some progress. Having participated in or sponsored training in The 7 Habits, The Pro-Active Leader, Great Leaders and the 4 Disciplines of Execution within the past 12 months, I will admit substantial elements of the 5 Choices were already familiar to me. The session was extremely useful, however, both as a “sharpen the saw” exercise and as a stimulus to improve my digital work life.

I have been able to clarify for myself and my team the vital few Quadrant 2 initiatives we need to be spending our efforts and energy on this year and refocus other activities to reduce and hopefully eliminate Quadrant 4 waste.

I set up rules for my Outlook mailbox, have learned and started to apply lessons using Tasks and (on my iPad) Reminders, have integrated the simple techniques for pasting emails into tasks and my calendar to schedule preparation time and ensure on time completion and have availed of Notes on the iPad, linking with Reminders and Tasks, to improve my productivity and responsiveness.

I shared my few recently gained tips with my team and a couple of colleagues and they too were excited and motivated to learn some simple techniques that could improve their productivity and simplify their working life.

I have a lot more to learn, but simply applying the little I have learnt in the past few days has already delivered benefits.

Submitted by John Murphy, FranklinCovey Client

Ruling Your Technology Reaps Benefits

My thanks to the Thai PacRim Group who shared with myself and others the 5 Choices Programme. The immediate impact has been that, two days after the event, I have already adopted a number of the suggestions found in Choice 4 “Rule Your Technology” and am beginning to reap the benefits.

With discussions already held with my boss, colleagues and co-workers, this is a great way to start a new year.

Submitted by John Murphy