Technology Addiction?

After defining my Quadrant 2 Roles and really thinking about what was important in my life I started looking at how I spent my evenings.  I noticed (and so did my wife) that I spent considerable amount of time on the computer or my smartphone.  This often meant less time with my family.  Realizing that this was not in line with my Q2 role relating to being a great husband and father I decided to cancel the data plan on my phone and reduce the time on the computer at home.  (I can hear the gasps from many of you because I’ve heard them from my co-workers already… how can he not survive without a smartphone?!)

I still remember that for the first couple of days when there was down time I’d reach for my smartphone to check email or read my favorite blogs only to realize that I was no longer “connected.”  Habits that had been formed over the past few years would not easy break.  It also has been slightly challenging getting used to not having the “convenience” of having data at my fingertips.  I’ve had to print out maps, call people rather than email/texting, and often go without information at times.

Well it’s been a few weeks and I am still alive!  Actually I’ve found I have much more time to spend with my children and our relationships have greatly improved.  I notice that I pay more attention to people around me at work or around town.  I also notice how many people have their heads buried in technology as they go from one place to another not noticing people around them.  I don’t think I’ll forever be without a data plan… but this has definitely been a good exercise about disconnecting from technology and reconnecting with reality.  It has greatly helped to refuel my fire and refocus my life around what I feel is important.

Submitted by Kurt Kirkham, FranklinCovey Client