The Empty Inbox is Not Just a Dream

Having taught “time management” for over 24 years now I can honestly say that the 5 Choices is the best content and product out in the market place at this time!

What Franklin Covey has done is remarkable. This content is hitting the needs of the client exactly where the pain is. One of the most liberating processes taught in this course is how to manage your inbox. Most clients I meet with have over 1000+ emails in their inbox and are wasting many hours each day just sorting through them. To show them how to empty their inbox everyday is one of the most rewarding things I do. I like to use the Time Matrix to help sort my email.

It all starts with your mindset about WHAT AN INBOX IS. It is NOT a storage space, it’s NOT a to do list and yet that is exactly the belief of many people. This mindset drives a behavior of keeping most email in the inbox while sorting through them everyday and wasting valuable time.

The truth is, the inbox is a message delivery service. If we have that mindset, we will then look at email in an entirely different way. We will “turn our email into what it really is”. If the email is actionable (a task or an appointment) and can be done later (Q2), we will drag and drop it into our task list or our calendar. If the email is not actionable (note, contact info, or reference material) we will drag and drop it to it’s appropriate folder or icon. Now that leaves us with Q1 email that we will deal with right now and Q3 email that we can forward on to someone else or delete. That’s it! We now have an empty inbox.

If we will live in our calendar view with our tasks showing and go to our inbox every hour or so, we can use this system to keep even the largest inbox under control.

Contributed by Tony Morris, FranklinCovey Consultant

Addicted to Email

Have you ever panicked because your email wasn’t working?  Have you lost sleep over not being able to connect?  If you answered, “Yes!” you might be an email addict – and you are not alone.   Craig Wilson, a USA Today columnist admits his addiction to email and his frustration when the server went “down”.  Click here to read the article.

Contributed by Kory Kogon, FranklinCovey Global Productivity Practice Leader

I’ve Learned to Shut the Technology Off

“I’ve learned to shut the technology off, or at least the disruptive parts so that I can focus on my family and the things that matter most. I have a family calendar on Google to help my family out and keep them aligned. Since the class, I have done a better job at organizing my email. It might not look that way to other people, but I have more categories set up and more filters in my email to help me organize and prioritize my inbox.”

5 Choices Participant, March 2012, USA

The Impact … is Much Bigger and Broader Than I Expected

“The impact of the five week process is much bigger and broader than I expected. I’ve won a lot in many areas. I now invest more consciously in my relationships with the people around me, and now I end my day often with an empty mailbox, while before there were hundreds of emails. The 5 Choices enabled me to experience how great it is to make choices. Effectively dealing with my mail and all other matters that come at me easily saves me 1 to 2 hours per day—time I can spend on things I really care about and in which I can make a difference for my company, my family, my friends, and for myself. The 5 Choices has helped me, in short, to clarify my goals and the road toward them, by dividing them into manageable chunks so that the road ahead now is clear and achievable. Then those goals will just happen.”

5 Choices Participant, March 2012, Netherlands