Superhero Does Q2 Planning

I have been amazed at how two big ideas have shifted my paradigm around productivity and effectiveness. 

The first is the concept of going for extraordinary.  I have begun to name my key roles, using  a “Superhero” moniker, because superheros embody the transition of simple, ordinary people into extraordinary human beings.  For example, instead of being a Client Partner at FranklinCovey – I want to be “Greatness Guy”.  It’s not meant to be silly or flip, nor do I plan on leaping between Chicago skyscrapers in red tights.  But thinking about greatness as I look at my roles helps set a higher standard for me as I approach work. 

The other big idea is around Q2 Weekly Planning.  I have been able to significantly increase my Q2 activities, with great results and incredible changes in my personal energy. 

I just shared some of the 5 Choices ideas with my college son.  He is skeptical…but, so are a lot of folks when they first meet a superhero!

Submitted by Mark Berry, FranklinCovey, Client Parnter