The Sandwich Effect

As a “middle weight” manager, I am sandwiched in from above & below from those who report to me & for those to whom I report.  Additionally, with vendors, other departments and the organization’s initiatives, I am being squeezed out of my Quadrant 2 home and placed into the prison of Quadrant 1.  Eveyone wants whatever I have to offer yesterday.  I don’t know what to do with myself anymore. 

It was such a blessing to simply hear the metaphor, “schedule the big rocks.”  Those are my non negotiables.  They help me learn to say, “No!” without feeling guilty (or afraid of retaliation!).  Those big rocks are vital to my work & home life.  Every day now, I write down 3-5 big rocks, and if I can get 2 of those done, I have accomplished more than I would have had I never scheduled them to begin with.  Big Rocks are awesome!

Submitted by Katherine Wiley, FranklinCovey Client