The Complexity Of Time

“The 5 Choices workshop is very engaging and makes you think about the complexity of what we often take for granted, which in essence is our time. Organizing time and realizing what is actually really important to you as a unique individual is actually extremely important and the closest we can get to attaining a perfect work-life balance before it is too late and our time passes. I would recommend this workshop to a friend/ colleague, because I believe it would benefit them greatly and make the optimize their effectiveness.”

Contributed by a 5 Choices participant

From 19,000+ Emails To Zero

“First of all, THANK YOU!  The 5 Choices webinar on Microsoft Outlook you did last Friday was amazing.  I was so pumped about all the new things I learned about my inbox and calendar, I spent Friday evening organizing.  Just now, I’m down from 19,000 plus emails in my inbox to ZERO.  I have rules, files and sub-files made.  Being organized makes me so happy and I had no idea how much my inbox was stressing me out every morning.

I’m going to recommend the webinar to all of my colleagues!”

Contributed by a 5 Choices participant