Better Communication, Better Father, Better Leader

“I was unsure how much I would learn from the 5 Choices. Quickly, I found out that I would take away a great deal of information and the confidence to make some of those prioritizing decisions. Like magic I was able to make my life a happier place. I think most people could benefit from this the 5 Choices program! Thanks!!”

Contributed by a 5 Choices participant

This was the rescue I was looking for

“I am so glad I signed up for the 5 Choices course last minute. I was desperate for help and this was the rescue I was looking for. It challenged my emotions, my beliefs, and my time prioritizing. I always stated time was the most important thing to me and now I know exactly how to manage it to get the most out of it for me! I learned to say no, to stop and breathe and to listen. No more stress, no more trouble sleeping and no more guilt! The best of all, I’m doing more, in less time! Win-win all around.”

Contributed by a 5 Choices participant

The Quadrants Helped Reduce My Stress

Identifying where items fall in the quadrants helped to reduce my stress level. It helps to prioritize tasks and minimize distractions.

Now that I am able to identify when a task is a Q3, distraction to my work load, I can prioritize it easier and while it can still be completed for someone else’s Q1 and while I may still have a sense of urgency for the task I don’t have to accept the burden of the stress of the issue.

Learning how to drag emails to tasks or calendar events has been a life changing experience. I now can move the emails and know that I will be reminded to follow up electronically so I don’t have to try to keep it in my mind until it is done. I can just set the task with a reminder and then forget it so that I can focus on the current task at hand. I have set color coded categories that are Quadrant specific and broken by personal or work. That way when I get a new unexpected Q1 or Q2 task it can quickly and easily see what it moves and what the priorities were without having to review each task.

It only takes a few seconds pre task to set the category but it save a lot of time when you have to readjust your day to work in the unexpected.

Contributed by a 5 Choices Participant

Lots of Improvement

Taking the 5 Choices course really helped me to improve the way I used to do things. I feel that I’m more productive and that I have more energy. I learned how to classify my assigments in order of importance, not urgency. Because of that I managed to change completely the way I work. Now I know that I’m working on what really matters to me!

Submitted by a 5 Choices participant