I Recommend This For Everyone

Wow!! I knew that I would get a lot out of this course, but I never imagined it would be so much.

Prior to taking this course, I kept putting things off and I was unable to figure out where some of my priorities were, especially for my personal goals at home. I made my master list, scheduled them on my calendar with reminders and I’ve already gotten my first goal accomplished – Spring Cleaning my closet. I had 5 bags worth of clothes, etc. for Goodwill and got my closet organized. I couldn’t believe how easy it was. It really took out the overwhelming feeling and I no longer say to myself “however am I going to do this?”

I now say “Bring it on!”

Contributed by a 5 Choices participant

Avoiding Procrastination

How much time do you spend worrying about what you should have already done? Procrastinating is a surefire way to increase your stress, lower your energy and obliterate your productivity.

If you are prone to procrastination, here are some tips for approaching “to-dos” differently.

  • Create a master task list of all the things you need to accomplish.
  • Circle or check the MOST IMPORTANT things on your list and plug them right into your calendar. Doing this will give them a time and space in your schedule. When you leave them on the task list, you are always looking for a time to get them done.
  • Do the things that you like to do the least, first! Once they are done, you won’t be prone to make excuses about moving on to finish the other things on your list that you don’t mind doing.
  • Don’t be a perfectionist. Challenge yourself to finish, first. If revisions are required, go back and do them later.
  • Engage in daily and weekly planning. Sit down with your master task list once per week. Review everything on your list and move the important things onto your calendar. At the end of the day, review what you accomplished. If you missed something, give it a new time and date.
  • Once you’ve completed something that was hard for you to do, stop and notice how great it feels to have it done. Compare this to how you would feel if it were still hanging out there.

Over the years, I have learned that nothing is ever as easy or as hard as I think it will be. Knowing this, makes it easier to start the things I am wary about. In the end, completion of  anything is one of the best feelings in the world.

Contributed by Suzette Blakemore, Regional Productivity Practice Leader, FranklinCovey

I Am Accountable

Removing  barriers to high productivity starts first and foremost with ourselves.  I am constantly looking inside myself to figure out “what’s my fault” around productivity….

Here is one of my personal “watchouts” to being highly productive.  Anybody out there ever PROCRASTINATE?  I have done that.  And…I’ve learned NOT TO.  Why?  Because some things that are urgent AND important (Quadrant I) are never going away.  AND…when I choose to leave something to the last minute I am making Quadrant I larger than it needs to be, creating my own unhealthy stress.  Through our research around the 5Choices,  I am very clear about the effects of stress on the human mind and body.  For that reason, I now avoid procrastination at all costs.  It is in my control to do that…..and I sleep better at night!

Contributed by Kory Kogon, FranklinCovey Global Productivity Practice Leader