5 Choices Has Improved Many of My Days

I have to say that this course is probably one of the most applicable course to apply to day-to-day life both at work and at home.  I now receive a lot fewer emails (due to rules), have fewer Q1 and Q3 events, and somehow have more time for Q2 now! I have been able to not only work on, but complete big projects I had been trying to ‘find time’ for in the past. And, at home I have been able to schedule one on one time with all 5 kids and my husband each week since the class! Things are good! We have started using the time matrix in our staff meetings and each person talks about what Q1 and Q2 events they have going on each week and what items they need assistance from others on.  It has improved our discussions and efficiency at these meetings. I am also teaching this course to a group of 15 leaders today. Wish me luck! Thank you for providing such a good course that has improved many of my days since!

–Contributed by a 5 Choices participant

My Success Story – Wow!

Wow! What a difference!  I had no idea how email controlled me.  Now, I control it by setting time to review it.  I removed all notifications in Microsoft Outlook that would distract me or tempt to look at my email.  This task alone has saved me time.  Talking with my supervisor about Q2 helped him see what interruptions were vying for my time.  He is aware and on-board with getting interruptions in control.  Thanks for this course!!

Contributed by a 5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity participant