Reduced Inbox Messages from 2500 to 0 in Three Days!

I attended your “Time Management for Microsoft Outlook” Webinar last Friday.   It was the best two hours and money I have spent in quite a while.   I spent the weekend perusing over my many notes from the class and making key decisions about how to handle all future “incoming” information.  I followed the strategies outlined and created well-reasoned filters to “Win Without Fighting” by shuttling Quadrant 3 and 4 messages to Junk Mail which keeps them from my “smart” phone as well as my Inbox.  I already applied Roles and Goals but as the promotional video for the class suggests, I was abusing my Inbox by “sorting gravel” and filing far too many e-mails via Inbox rather than distilling them to a few appointments, contacts, notes, and tasks.  I spent all my “white space” time this week slogging through 2500 messages in my Inbox, deleting almost all of them as outdated information and applying “Turn It into What It Is” to the remainder.  Incredibly, of all that information, very little of it actually qualified as Quadrants 1 or 2 worthy of transformation.  I applied “Link to Locate” to a key task.This material works.  I am very grateful to FranklinCovey for conducting this Webinar.  Thanks so much!

 Luther “Luke” Setzer