Increased Focus on Other Roles

“I have been using The 5 Choices learning to increase my productivity in the other roles I have in my life. I use weekly planning to achieve goals on each role. The most relevant thing I achieved is the ability to turn our dinners into a highly focused moment of dialog among my family; no TV or phones.”

5 Choices Participant, March 2012, Brazil


What a Change!

Working with my roles and my Q2 role statements really gave me some insight into my life. I saw that I wasn’t giving any time or energy to the roles that were most important to me. While I was fulfilling external obligations and doing well at work, I was not meeting my own needs, especially my need for a creative life.

Not only did I start writing again, but I implemented a shift in my health regimen. At the end of 5 weeks, I have 10 new blog posts, reworked a draft of a book, and lost 5 lbs. I look forward to the daily and weekly planning. I read my roles and my goals with pride because I have tangible proof that I am achieving them.

Thank you for these wonderful tools. They have led me to a richer life.

Laci, a The 5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity participant

Savvy, Productive, and Always Extraordinary

Things I’ve learned from the first 3 Choices:

  • I know how to gracefully decline tasks to focus on the important
  • I have a better understanding of my roles and how I’m performing within each role
  • I have listed out my goals for each role and the time frame of when I want those goals accomplished
  • I’ve become friends with my “gravel” because it’s going to be there until I have time to take care of it and that’s okay

I’ve found myself planning and thinking outside the box more often and ignoring those items that waste my time. This course has really opened my eyes to what I’m capable of and has show me how productive I can be when I prioritize my tasks and have goals for each role.

Contributed by a 5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity participant

The 5 Choices Has Changed My Life

Taking and applying the 5 Choices has changed my life, increased my productivity dramatically on the job and has had an amazing effect on my personal life!

I was soooo good at meeting deadlines, keeping up on the actions with the due dates, making sure all the Q1’s and Q3s’ got done. People described me as organized, and productive. But there were all these things I should do that I just never got to because they had no deadline, no due date – until they became a Q1 and THEN they got done. Taking the course, and reading the 5 Choices monograph made me realize I was very efficient by not effective.

I attended a 5 Choices World Tour event (a 3 hour overview of the class) on Nov 1, 2011 and that night I created a Big Rock zone from 7-8am each work day, where I could focus on a big rock – something important but not urgent. Luckily I kept a list. Because in two months I had accomplished amazing things and got one of my best reviews ever. I got through so much! So over the Christmas break I went back and read the monograph and then I started implementing all the Choice 4 ideas. Wow was that exiting! I got approval to take the full class, where I learned more, and thought wouldn’t it be amazing if I could teach the class!?! I have now completed training 3 groups and am preparing for two more. This is in addition to my regular learning program management job, at which I have done exceptionally well in spite of the increased workload.

What I didn’t expect is how the concepts would seep into my personal life. I work hard during the week and on the weekends by the time I have done the laundry, and figured out shopping list, and done some cooking, and paid bills – I was done. Tired. Out of steam. Now I have a Big Rock  – something important but not urgent – scheduled for either Saturday or Sunday morning. I do it FIRST, and then do all the other stuff, and I am feeling so much more in control of my life! I find I apply the principles constantly, cleaning out my closet, organizing my files, planning trips, etc.

Working on my role statement also improved my relationship with my husband – I wrote out my role statement as Robert’s best friend and partner and reviewed it with him. He was blown away but said to be truly extraordinary it would be wonderful for him if I added one more piece, something I didn’t even know he wanted me to do. I added his recommendation and we have a quarterly review meeting to see where we are, and each chose one Big Rock to do each quarter – and are making significant progress! We feel so much more in control.  Robert loves it and appreciates so much the effort I am putting into being an extraordinary wife.

So you can see I am off to another great year thanks to the 5 Choices!

Submitted by Elise, a FranklinCovey Client Facilitator

Impressive Improvement In My Benchmark

“These past five weeks have been some of the most productive and rewarding in my recent memory thanks to the 5 Choices program. Taking the time to refocus on my goals has set me on track to achieving them, even though I still have some things to work on. I spelled out the specifics in my report session feedback, but what I was most impressed with was the improvement in my benchmark assessment. I went from a pitiful 72 to a whopping 145.”

5 Choices Participant, March 2012, USA