Give It A Name

I am excited to have attended the FranklinCovey Time Management workshop offered by my employer. 

Because our industry (Automotive) is such a fast paced business where previous customer retention, broadening your existing customer base through branding, farming and developing potential new customers is so critical to what we do, I recognize I was already prioritizing many activities in a similar fashion as was outlined in the 5 Choices Workshop.  Simply, I am compelled to focus on one goal and temporarily discard another because of the daily constraints on my time to do everything I need to do to achieve those goals on a daily or weekly basis. I just didn’t have a name for it other than “prioritizing” or have an actual set of well defined categories for those priorities, as is effectively accomplished in the 5 Choices by defining and utilizing the 4 Quadrants.

Anything that can minimize or eliminate the potential of a cluttered approach toward achieving any goal can only in the end prove beneficial and aid in that effort.  So I am excited to have the opportunity to incorporate the 4Q/5 Choices approach to time management to my day to day activities and what I do. 

Submitted by Stan Adkins, FranklinCovey Client




Stan Adkins


Cable-Dahmer Chevrolet


Independence, Missouri