Getting a Handle On Things….

So I have been chatting with some of our clients.  I know we have a success stories section, but I got to tell you, it is amazing listening to people chat about how they have implemented the 5 Choices, or really more importantly, gotten a handle on aspects of their life…and how much more at peace they are!  A couple of examples:

One executive told me he intentionally stopped attending 6 hours of meetings per week.  These were meetings where he was going, “just in case they needed him”, or to observe or to “not miss anything”.  He realized he had staff that were doing just fine and he could do things that were more essential to turn his attention to.

A  certified 5 Choices facilitator was telling me how thrilled he was…he had someone in his class who was there with the attitude that this is “just another class”…and later the participant told him how wrong he was…that this was so much more and helpful.

A highly successful 25-ish salesrep in a large organization also thought, “flavor of the month”, ended up very touched and highly emotional as she came to terms with her most important roles in her life TODAY, and realized as successful as she is, she is not contributing enough to others in her life…..

I may be the Productivity Practice leader here at FranklinCovey…but I am a learner….I struggle like everyone else to get the “right things done”, personally and professionally…and I am truly inspired by our participants who become the teachers.  Each of those stories make me examine my own behavior to insure I am continuing to improve every day.


Contributed by Kory Kogon – Global Practice Leader – Productivity