Return on the Moment (ROM)

How do you spend your time? Are you focused on the most important things, do you jump from distraction to distraction or maybe you just fly by the seat of your pants just filling the time?

If there was an investment portfolio for the time and energy of your life how would you rate your return on the moment (ROM)? Is it break even? Are you getting a negative return? Or, maybe you are getting an exponential return?

Look at your allocation of your time, attention and energy as an investment decision. Where will the payoff be? What activities will give you the most bang for the buck in all of your roles (personal and professional)? Conscious and vigilant decision making will make a huge difference every single day. With so many options and opportunities, you really have to pick and choose.

Contributed by Todd Musig, Productivity Practice, FranklinCovey

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